Domestic Partnerships

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Domestic Partnerships

Couples in a domestic partnership, rather than a legal marriage, share their lives together, their home and finances, have children together, and live and care for each other the way any legally married couple would. However, they have none of the legal benefits which automatically apply to couples who are legally married.

If you are in a domestic partnership, rather than a marriage legally recognized by the State of Indiana, there are no laws protecting you if your partner becomes incapacitated or dies. In addition, there could be adverse tax laws imposed upon you if your partner dies. For these reasons it is critical to have legal documents prepared to define and protect your rights should something happen to you or your domestic partner.

Domestic Partnerships

For example, a couple who has lived together as a family, made decisions together about raising their children, handled their finances together, and all of the other day to day life decisions that come with being a family would also want to be able to make those same decisions for one another if one of them became incapacitated. However, if one person does get sick or dies, unless there are legal documents in place specifically stating that their partner has the authority to make decisions for them and their children, then the remaining partner may have little to no control over how things are handled or even where the surviving partner may live. This puts an enormous strain on the entire family and can be easily avoided by having everything spelled out clearly with the proper legal documents.

At Duvall & Fall, P.C. we are resolute about the importance of providing legal representation to couples who are domestic partners, of course, including same sex couples. Any couple who lives together as a family needs to be aware of what their legal rights are when it comes to speaking for their partner if something happens to one of them. We are committed to helping all couples achieve this.

The Many Facets of Domestic Partnership Law

At Duvall & Fall, P.C. our attorneys in Indianapolis prepare legal documents that are essential to any unmarried couple who want to protect their rights such as:

Sometimes it is necessary to dissolve a domestic partnership just as sometimes a legally married couple may get a divorce. Cases such as this often foster unique and challenging legal problems that are not typically encountered by legally married couples who have the benefit of clearly defined laws. We help unmarried couples navigate through these difficult situations, striving to work things out in the best possible way for everyone involved.

Duvall & Fall, P.C. is a proud member of the Indy Rainbow Chamber of Commerce and is firmly devoted to helping protect the rights of Indiana's LGBT community.

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