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Vindicating The Unfairly Wronged, Protecting The Unfairly Accused

The attorneys at Duvall & Fall, P.C. have trial and appellate experience in state and federal courtrooms across the country in a broad spectrum of civil law cases ranging from simple breach of contract to complex multi-party business and real estate litigation. We are known as strong advocates for our clients who take an aggressive approach to dispute resolution. We will not hesitate to go to court on behalf of our clients should we deem it necessary. We are also known as skilled counselors and negotiators who are committed to providing quality legal guidance at an affordable price to our clients.

Our law firm in Indianapolis represents individuals and businesses, large and small, and will do everything we can to help our clients meet their objectives.

Employment Law Issues? Don’t Worry, We’ve Got Your Back!

Our lawyers in Indianapolis handle the day to day questions which arise when a company has legal problems with its employees. Our attorneys in Indianapolis are highly knowledgeable in all of the issues surrounding labor law. We help employers handle all types of employment issues such as overtime compensation, hiring and firing practices, compliance with labor and employment laws, wage statutes, and discrimination laws, as well as preparing employee policies and handbooks. We represent both employers and employees with preparing and negotiating employment contracts.

We understand that many employment law issues must be handled within a 24 hour period. Because we are a small, tight knit law firm, our clients know that if they call or e-mail us with a problem, they can expect a prompt response to their questions and the timely preparation of any necessary legal documents. Our attorneys review each of the cases that we take so that if a client calls and his or her main attorney is not readily available, another of our attorneys will be able to take the call and handle whatever the client needs.

Ensure You Receive What’s Rightfully Yours

The term “creditor’s rights” entails protecting creditors and persons or businesses who are owed money, as well as taking the legal action necessary to collect what is due to them. The Law Office of Duvall & Fall, P.C. assists construction material suppliers and wholesalers, contractors, developers, and business owners in need of collection services. We handle all aspects of the commercial debt collection process. We can file lawsuits, obtain judgment liens and garnish wages and bank accounts, none of which a collection agency can do. We also counsel our clients in managing and minimizing their business risks by providing proactive legal services such as preparing effective credit applications, credit agreements, debt settlement and personal guarantees that grant creditors strategic advantages, filing and foreclosing mechanic’s liens, and preparing UCC filings and security agreements. If your business regularly grants credit to customers or is owed a business debt, we are the firm to trust to actively and effectively protect your rights.

The Challenges of Property Management

Landlord and tenant law relates to the renting and leasing of commercial real estate and buildings and the rights of both the owner and tenant. Attorneys at Duvall & Fall, P.C. draft and negotiate commercial leases for landlords and tenants, as well as represent clients in commercial real estate litigation.

We have experience representing property owners and managers of major Indianapolis apartment complexes in preparing and enforcing residential leases through eviction, damage hearings, and collections. In addition, we have extensive trial experience in representing both landlords and tenants in lawsuits involving constructive eviction, tort claims, security deposits, discrimination, and more.

Resolve Your Construction and Contractor Legal Needs

Construction law deals with legal matters that construction companies often face. Attorneys at Duvall & Fall, P.C. have represented real estate developers, general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, architects and land owners with a variety of construction law issues. From preparing and negotiating construction contracts, to preparing and foreclosing mechanic’s liens, to dispute resolution, to construction law litigation, we will provide you with our extensive understanding and skill in meeting your legal needs.

On a daily basis, both our attorneys and staff at Duvall & Fall, P.C. truly strive to ensure that our clients who have been unfairly wronged are vindicated. We fight for our clients’ rights and are not afraid to take the bull by the horns when it comes to protecting their wellbeing. We work with our clients in a close and personal manner to make sure that all of their needs are handled, no matter how complicated or difficult the issue at hand.